How to cure a cannabis hangover by vaping cbd

How to cure a cannabis hangover by vaping cbd

Not only alcohol but smoking weed/marijuana and other cannabis can give you a massive hangover. The symptoms of hangover have a wide range from headache, nausea to feeling groggy and sleepy. If you intake it in a solid form, you might even get a minor case of stomach upset. Curing a alcohol induced hangover is rather easy because you only have to wash it away from your digestion and renal system.

In the case of cannabis hangover, it is entirely different. When you smoke weed, the cannabiniods get into your bloodstream. It gets circulated to every part of your body. Naturally, the weed-induced cannabis hangover is hard to get rid of. Like in the case of alcohol-induced hangover, in this situation too, you must drink a lot of water so that your bloodstream keeps getting washed. Dehydration increases the symptoms of hangover. Try to intake as much solid food as you can despite the nausea. However, research says that vaping CBD during cannabis hangover also helps enormously.

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How Does it Help?
A lot of people may find this idea to be absolutely ridiculous because CBD or Cannabidiol is also a form of cannabis and is extracted from the cannabis plants. But while other strong cannabis forms produce in human bodies more stimulus than the body can easily handle, CBD produces a kind of relaxing sensation. Therefore, there is no need to be surprised that CBD which is also a form of cannabis can help you reduce the uneasiness and restlessness that comes with the hangover. CBD can be taken into the body in various ways. You can smoke it up, or use it as aerosol spray. You can also take it through vapour. In curing cannabis hangover, vaping CBD really helps the most.

Reduces Physical and Psychological Discomfort
CBD is famous for reducing pain in muscles, joints and also decreasing anxiety and restlessness. It also helps in restoring cognition. Cannabis hangover is supposed to make you groggy and you might also feel that you have no control on your body and senses. The worst thing about cannabis hangover is that it gives you both physical and psychological discomfort. While you might experience severe headache and movement problems because of nausea and dizziness, your mental health might be affected by the constantly nagging anxiety. In that case, CBD helps in both ways – while it will give you some sort of relief from the physical pain, it will also calm you down by reducing the anxiety. Therefore, if you are feeling really low, you might want to try vaping CBD for better results than any of the other conventional methods.

Control the Dosage
However, keep in mind that if you overdose CBD, it will do you more harm than good. Do not get too enthusiastic about it, keep yourself within the limits that have been mentioned in the product that you are using. Although vaping CBD e-liquid reduces the chance of hangover, be responsible about the dosage.

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