The Best Way to Take CBD

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The Best Way to Take CBD

CBD ediblesCBD has a wide variety of consumption methods and applications. If you are thinking about trying CBD and don’t know where to begin, then this guide is for you. Following are some of the best ways to take CBD. Read on to determine which one would be suitable for you according to your needs and preferences.

Sublingual CBD Oils

Sublingual CBD oils consist of tinctures or oil made from CBD extracted from cannabis. The reason behind their popularity is that they are extremely easy to take. You simply need to place a few drops below your tongue and hold the oil there for about a minute or two before swallowing.

• Extremely easy to take.
• Wide variety of products available on the market, making sublingual CBD oils one of the easiest CBD products to find.
• You can use the information on the dropper and the label to dose them quite easily.
• The oils are very natural and rarely contain other ingredients.
• Suitable for beginners as starting with the low dosage is easy.

• Products are sub-standard due to the lack of regulation.
• Some individuals may not like the taste, which is usually very strong and earthy unless extra flavoring has been added.

CBD Capsules

CBD ediblesCBD capsules are starting to gain a lot of popularity mainly because a lot of people don’t like the taste of CBD oil. These contain CBD oil that is enclosed in a little capsule and they are especially popular with older people who take CBD on regular basis.

• Very easy to add to your everyday routine.
• Dosage is quite easy and safe since the right dose is already contained in the capsule.
• Suitable for individuals who don’t like the earthy flavor of CBD oil.

• CBD capsules aren’t as readily available as other CBD products.

CBD Vaping

cbd eliquidAlthough there is always the option to smoke CBD, it is not recommended because it has several nasty side effects. CBD vaping on the other hand, is a better alternative because it doesn’t involve any combustion.

• Better alternative to smoking.
• Wide range of vaping devices and CBD e-liquid or vape juices available to suit different people.
• Enjoyable consumption method since some of the oils taste quite good.
• CBD e-liquid is quickly transferred to the body so the effects take place faster.

• Vaporizers, CBD e-liquid, and pens can be quite expensive.
• May not be suitable for individuals who aren’t used to smoking.
• It’s not always easy to dose CBD accurately via vaping.

CBD Topical Lotions

People are turning to CBD topical balms and lotions to settle their pains and aches due to certain conditions. This refers to balms and lotions that contain a certain amount of CBD.

• Great for treating certain problems.
• Very easy to apply and include CBD in your everyday routine.
• Readily available thanks to their increased popularity.

• Dosing is not easy since you cannot really tell how much CBD is in each application.
• The effects are not long-lasting as compared to other treatments.
• They are good for pains and aches but not suitable for all problems.

CBD Edibles

cbd eliquidCBD edibles are taking the cannabis market by storm thanks to their easy consumption, availability, and various other benefits. With products like isolates and oils already available on the market, it is quite easy to make your own CBD edibles. Some common edibles you can easily find include gummies, brownies, cookies, chocolates, etc.

• A fun, tasty way to consuming CBD.
• You can even make your own CBD edibles, it is simply that easy.
• Dosing is easy however, it depends on the edibles.
• Wide variety of edibles available on the market. So, you have many choices.

• The effects take longer to set in.
• Certain edibles contain lots of additives and may not be healthy.
• Edibles sold online can be quite expensive.


cbd eliquidIn conclusion, there are many ways to take CBD. Since the choice of the consumption method depends on several factors, it’s not possible to tell exactly what method would suit you best. If you are a skilled chef then CBD edibles may be a right choice for you. On the other hand, if you are an experienced vaper and want to increase your CBD intake, then vaping would be a better option. However, if you are new to CBD, then edibles are recommended mainly because they are safe, easily available, easy to dose, and you can add them to your daily routine without any issues.

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