Types Of CBD Products

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Types Of CBD Products

CBD stands for Cannabidiol, which a popular compound extracted from the cannabis flower and Hemp plants. These plants have been known for a long time to possess medicinal properties and have various health benefits on the body. The properties of CBD depending on the percentage of THC it possesses. The CBD that is consumed for health purposes and other daily purposes such as in beauty products contains a very low concentration of THC which is not psychoactive

Types Of CBD Products
All the various CBD products in the market are made up of two major types/ forms of CBD which are: 1) CBD Extracts 2) CBD Isolate. CBD vape, pen, and nasal sprays are widely available in the market. nasal spray

CBD Extracts
A CBD extract is thick, black, and dark oil that has a consistency of honey. such as fatty acids, terpenoids, and cannabidiols. The extract is usually found as an ingredient in various products but you can also find it in the extract from which is usually sold in the market in a syringe allowing you to dose the extract accurately. To make a CBD extract the hemp plants that have a high concentration of CBD and low THC are used and the extraction is done on low temperatures along with carbon dioxide that is an important ingredient used in the process. 

CBD Isolate
These types of CBD are found in the form of isolates. They are either in the form of powder, crystals, or slabs. They are pure cannabidiols i.e. they have Cannabidiol content in them up to 99%. Many people prefer CBD in isolate form because there is no THC and it eliminates the issues of testing of drugs to a great extent. The CBD isolate is used in various sub-products that will be discussed below and it is also used standalone.

 Sub-Products Made From CBD Extracts And/ Or Isolates 

  1. Beauty Products: CBD is now being extensively used in beauty products because it helps in reducing swellings, aches, and redness and has other benefits for the skin. It is popularly used in moisturizers, shampoos, Masks, Serums, Oils, Toners, Conditioners, and Lip Balms, etc. 
  2. Capsules ( Oil-Based): CBD extracts are being used in making supplements and capsules that are usually oil-based. These are simply                                                                           consumed by swallowing them with a liquid. 
  3. CBD Concentrates : These concentrates are extracted from hemp plants and have a concentration of Cannabidiol in them. These concentrates exist in the crumbled form, shatter form, wax form, and terpsolate form. 
  4. Drinks : Cannabidiol is hydrophobic which makes it unable to mix it and dissolve in water. However, the advancement in technology has made it possible for us to mix CBD in water. These drinks are abundantly available in the m
  5. arket such as energy drinks, bottled CBD and CBD powder to be mixed in water. 
  6.  Edibles : CBD is also extensively used in edibles such as chocolates, cookies, brownies, and gummies, etc. nasal spray

The use of CBD vape, pen, and nasal sprays has increased drastically in the market. They are used for making various sub-products mentioned above as they provide us various benefits in our daily lives. 

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