Vape Shop Design

Vape Shop Design

Vape Shop Design

Designing a new vape shop could be challenging as many of us would like to open a vaping space as functional and unique at the same time. Being in this business comes with a lot of pressure. First, you want the public to give you your space and let you do the thing you always wanted, but at the same time, you want to convince the vaping society that it is normal to hang out in vaping shops.

Buying an electronic cigarette is not a big deal for others but it is definitely big for those who are trying to quit smoking. So, you need to design something new, creative, and comfortable like Turkish rugs for everyone. Here we have a few tips for you if you are concerned about the opening of a new vaping shop.

1- Franchise or your own brand
The very first step is to think if you want a franchise of renowned vaping brand or you could make your own brand. Both choices come with pros and cons, but you can pick the right choice by comparing your finances and risk factors.

2- Vaping regulations
Once you choose the right choice, then there comes the state, federal, and local vaping regulation that you have to follow to establish a vaping shop. The regulation can vary in different cities. Along with these regulations, there is an amount of taxes that you have to pay. This would require some expert opinion for you.

3- Vape shop location
The most challenging part of establishing a new vape shop is to find the perfect location for it. Just like any normal retail store, the location of the vape shop is important. Choose a location that is accessible and visible for the vaping community. You would want the customer ready to come in once you put on your sign. It will be great if you pick a spot where people can come from two directions.

4- Vape shop design
Designing a vaping shop is different from the rest of it. Make is comfortable by having a nice open seating arrangement with Turkish rugs laid on the floor. Use vaping signs, posters, or vaping inspired prints on Turkish rugs. Try vaping customized furniture and products in your shop.

5- Vape shop inventory
Once you have thought about the vaping shop location and its interior design, there is a big question of vape shop inventory. Where would you buy the inventory of vape shop, from manufacturers in China or from the wholesale distributors? If you are establishing a very big shop, then you can get the manufacturers to give you massive quantities of inventory but if you are setting up small shop then a wholesaler distributor might be a good idea.

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